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"How Powertrack Works"

Powertrack comes standard with an 8 channel Satellite Global Positioning Receiver (GPS).

This equipment delivers Date, Time, Position, Heading and Speed to Powertrack on a continuous basis.

When you set up your vehicle database you define those items that constitute a breach of normal operating procedures.

Powertrack has sufficient non-volatile memory on board to store 32 000 records and it records all information delivered by the GPS at user-defined intervals (default every 15 seconds).

In addition it will create a record every time any user defined operating parameter is exceeded.

The standard memory, recording at 15 second intervals will store approximately 130 hours of motion time. An expanded memory option is available.

An "Auto Task" will have your control room computer connect to the vehicle in off-peak hours - saving you money - and download all of the information from the vehicle onto your control room computer.

To download 10 hours of motion time takes less than 2 minutes.

The user can then view all this information on the Powertrack Professional software through the return channel via GPRS/GSM or SMS.

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