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Tanker Services - Saving time and money

"Tanker Services opted for Powertrack fleet management system because we wanted far more that the mere dot on the screen many of the other systems offer."

So says regional tracking supervisor Jacques Struwig when asked how Powertrack ended up being fitted into what is probably the most well known and recognizable road tanker fleet in Africa.

Not one to mince words, Struwig says fleet optimization and maximizing payload potential were the main motivators behind installing Powertrack. "One of the benefits we are getting is that we can now identify exactly how many kilometers each driver and vehicle has traveled over a very specific time period."

He adds that costing procedures have also been enhanced through a more accurate assessment of vehicle running costs as well as overtime and CPK costs. "All this comes from the system's ability to monitor the routes and find the shortest practical distances between the depot and delivery points."

Struwig maintains that a further benefit is that Powertrack effectively supplies customers with ETAs, standing times in key areas of concern at their own locations as well as actual offloading times.

"Such has been the success of Powertrack that we are going to utilize the system in the company's central planning environment in the foreseeable future," he says.

Struwig says selling the concept to the staff was particularly challenging largely due to then fact of a strong union presence at the company. Fortunately, by conducting one-on-one sessions with each of the affected staff, full buy-in was achieved.

He also has favorable comments on the blossoming relationship between Powertrack and Tanker Services. "The relationship between us and the supplier is great. Not only do they look into how we go about our business and our requirements. An important lesson we learned on the way to getting this far was to trust each other and work together as a team."

"I believe Powertrack is a wonderful system to have in our fleet," he concludes.

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