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Francis Transport & Plant Hire - Firing on all systems

Reaping a host of benefits through the use of Powertrack has proved more than adequate justification for Francis Gomes, MD of Francis Transport & Plant Hire, to have chosen Powertrack to fit the company's vehicle fleet.

According to Gomes, Francis Transport is reaping a host of benefits through the Powertrack system including:
  • Improved vehicle and driver productivity
  • The ability to closely monitor diesel consumption
  • Monitoring over-revving, speeding, sudden impact, harsh braking and so on and;
  • Knowing at all times where the vehicles are.
But it goes much further than this. "We are extracting reports on individual driver's performances, fuel graphs, vehicle utilization, locations of all stops, maintenance reports, stop-time reports, engine rev reports and many more. We can even monitor the number of loads and offloads each vehicle makes in a day or over a specific time period," says Gomes.

Francis Transport is making full use of all the management tools Powertrack has in its armoury, one of which is map explorer. "Through this, we have set up the system to alert our depot should a vehicle move off a pre-selected route. We are also in the process of establishing parameters so we get updates when vehicle arrive at our customer's sites."

A further notable management feature is the pre-warning Powertrack directs to management reminding them when the vehicle and individual drivers' licenses are due to expire.

Adding to this, each driver is issued with an "I-button" with his or her details encoded into a microchip: "If, for example, a speeding ticket is received on a vehicle, we are able to identify who drove the vehicle at that time. I must add that what I have explained here may sound like a lot but they are just some examples of what the total system is capable of."

Vehicle security was a prime motivator behind the installation of Powertrack and in this regard, Gomes is happy that the vehicles are covered. "If a vehicle is hijacked, the driver pushes a panic button sending a signal to our computer as well as to the responsible persons. We can immediately "live-track" the vehicle while the vehicle recovery specialist go into action."

No vehicles have been stolen since the installation of the system. Interesting is that since installing Powertrack, there have also been no incidences of diesel theft.

Gomes says that while there were some initial problems, the staff proved most accommodating and everything - without exception - was sorted out timorously.

"Powertrack has certainly made everyone's life at this company much easier!"

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